Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WORLD ASTHMA WEEK 03/05/2016 TO 10/05/2016

International bodies like GINA asthma; are changing the look out towards managing asthma in young children.
Here are some updates which will seriously affect managment:
1. Ipratropium based inhalation regime are equally effective as salbutamol.
2.Montelucast is a good controller drug.
3. Asthma therapy in children can now be tapered and stopped; and more easily in seasonal asthma; in few months.
4. Possibility of non asthma diagnosis is higher in a. kids with early age of onset b. continuous whheezers c.children with growth failure d. cough dominant symptoms 6. Children who donot show satisfactory response to steroid and salbutamol based inhaler regimen.
5. Symptom charting, 'parent education & training' to understand rescue medicine concept and treatment policies is key for perfect control of asthma.
6. Asthma is controllable; if diagnosed and treated early and correctly.
Dr Kondekar

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