Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Asthmatics cough n sneeze ...adenoids get colds n mouth breathings

Adenoids sneeze less compared to sinusitis and asthmatics.
 Allergic rhinitis is sneeze dominant.
 Asthma is wheeze dominant.
If you get frequent mouth breathing without sneezing... U have adenoids enlarged.
 If u get stuffy nose without running.. U may be allergic or may have sinusitis or allergic rhinitis or deviated septum.
Cough and no breathlessness in toddlers.. Unlikely to be an asthmatic...
May be UACS that is upper airway cough syndrome or laryngitis or bronchitis at times.

Sputum dominant cough is bronchitis.
Sputum dominant breathless ness is COPD. And some adult asthmatics.
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